Decades of Experience Working With Cemeteries

Remembrance Memorials installs memorials in all types of cemeteries across the state. We have decades of experience in every type of cemetery.  Allow our expert counselors to help guide you throughout the process.

Church Cemeteries

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Much like city cemeteries, there are a variety of memorials of different sizes and stone options.  Most church cemeteries do not require coordination with the church, as the church typically leaves those details up to the family.  If your church requires scheduling of installations, just let us know and we’ll handle that. 

Perpetual Care Cemeteries

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Perpetual care cemeteries are ‘for-profit’ businesses that own the cemetery grounds.  They are who you speak with to purchase a cemetery plot and pay for the burial.  Typically, they also offer memorials.  At Remembrance Memorials we provide more design options at a higher quality but do so at a cost savings to you versus a standard perpetual care cemetery.  If your loved one is buried at a perpetual care cemetery, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.  You have the right to purchase your memorial from whomever you choose without any penalties whatsoever.  There are no additional fees or services withheld.  There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed and Remembrance Memorials handles *all* of these details for you. 

City Cemeteries

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City Cemeteries are beautiful and historic.  You will see a variety of memorial types.  Remembrance Memorials communicates with city personnel, when necessary, to coordinate all aspects of the memorial and installation.