Your Rights

As a consumer in the state of Georgia, you have certain rights that many do not know. Many families are told, or led to believe, that they must purchase from the cemetery. Others are told they must pay an exorbitant fee to purchase from someone other than the cemetery. Still, others are told if the memorial is purchased elsewhere, they may lose services such as grass cutting. 

The three statements above are not only false, they are considered felony offenses by Georgia law. Know Your Rights.

At Remembrance Memorials, we want everyone to know their rights and make up their own mind in a non-threatening, no-pressure environment. It is your loved one you are memorializing. Do it in your own timeframe and how you wish.  We are ALWAYS here to answer questions and offer guidance, even if you do not purchase the memorial from us. That is what we would want someone to do for us. 

These Are Your Rights

According to The Georgia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act of 2000 (O.C.G.A Sections 10-14-1 through 10-14-30):

  1. You may purchase your memorial from any legitimate company you choose. That company must be registered with the State of Georgia, and be licensed to sell funeral merchandise. 
  2. You do not pay *any* additional money or fees to the cemetery if you choose an outside memorial supplier. There is a state-regulated fee of $148 that you must pay for any memorial installed in a perpetual-care cemetery regardless of the provider.
  3. There is no urgent timeline when you must mark the grave with a memorial. Some cemeteries pressure families to do this quickly, so that families do not discover Remembrance Memorials. 
  4. By choosing an outside memorial provider, the cemetery cannot penalize a family in any manner – monetarily or by withholding services.
  5. You do not have to pay more money to the cemetery for the same or higher quality product and service.