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Georgia’s only member of the esteemed American Institute of Commemorative Art

Georgia’s only member of the esteemed American Institute of Commemorative Art

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! When your memorial is ready, we call the cemetery to make an appointment for installation. We’ll bring the memorial to the cemetery, verify the exact lot location with the cemetery, and then install it.

We use our experienced workers, not subcontractors, grass cutters, or grave diggers, to install our memorials. You will receive a professional foundation and installation that is different from the rest.

No, absolutely not. By law, you can legally purchase from whomever your choose. It is illegal for any cemetery to force you to purchase from them, or to even insinuate that you will receive less service or care from the cemetery if you do not purchase from them. If cemeteries were your only option, we would not be able to operate our business. 

Yes, of course it will! By law, you will receive the same care from your cemetery, no matter where you purchased your memorial. Remembrance Memorials provides an additional warranty and guarantee above and beyond that of your cemetery, so you are doubly protected. 

Nope! In 2000, the Georgia general assembly passed legislation that limited the “fee” charged by perpetual care cemeteries. Remembrance Memorials pays this fee for you, so you don’t even need to worry about it. This law ended years of unfair business practices, which in turn protects you as a consumer. 

Sadly, this happens from time to time with individual cemeteries. Remembrance Memorials will actually print the secretary of state’s phone number at the bottom of our contracts, encouraging families to call them for reassurance. Remembrance Memorials will tell you exactly the truth about your memorial installation, and our words are backed up by fact and law. 

You won’t need to communicate with your cemetery, Remembrance Memorials will handle everything. This includes contacting your cemetery, providing them with every detail of the memorial, and verifying that what we are providing meets their guidelines. You have no burden or responsibility in the process whatsoever. 

Yes. There are only a handful of reputable bronze memorial foundries in the United States, let alone the Southeastern United States. Remembrance Memorials is an authorized dealer of those bronze foundries, able to offer you the highest quality bronze memorials available in the world. 

For starters, we are a family-owned business that sells and installs memorials in many different places, not just within one cemetery. Because of this, we buy bronze in large quantities, and don’t have multiple layers of management to pay commissions to. The bottom line is we’re able increase our margins and pass savings along to you. 

We use only the highest quality granite and marble stones.

Yes, there are. Some stones have a higher level of impurities. For example, iron ore can rust over time and discolor your stone. Other lower quality sones can have unusually large spots or streaks, which are unsightly. Some stones may even have small fissures which can manifest themselves years later.

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